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Real Estate Advisory

Family office approach: Ability to understand the profile of the client and draw real estate strategies in tandem with the portfolio.

Expertise: Dedicated team representing the legacy of 70 years of diverse experiences with international property consultants, real estate developers and leading players of the secondary market transactions.

CARE : Scope of Services

  • Investment Management
    • Investment across asset classes like residential and commercial real estate
    • Identification of fundamentally strong development opportunities
    • Comprehensive residential and commercial real estate investment management
  • Advisory Services
    • Customized value propositions for various real estate assets based on geographical considerations and the flawless execution of deals in the NCR, Mumbai, Goa and Dubai.
    • Professional and client centric approach on the short to medium term potential of real estate holdings
    • Assessment and optimization of client-centric real estate portfolios
    • Profound insights into the most recent trends in the real estate market (both Primary and Secondary).
  • Transaction services
    • Sell/ liquidate and Buy Residential, Farm Land and Commercial Real Estate
    • CAGR analysis to capture the future growth prospects of all the vectors in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Goa and Dubai, thus enabling clients to take an informed decision
    • Strategic marketing campaigns based on strong research and vast network across the industry to help our clients liquidate their investments and maximize sale proceeds

Our industry difference stems from our extensive market expertise, which allows for exact navigation of market complexities. We provide different and specialised solutions since we have a global reach and connect with prospects all around the world. Our vast network promotes collaboration and a diverse approach to problems. A dedication to high loyalty and transparency, as well as the development of trust and long-term partnerships, is key to our strategy. This one-of-a-kind combination identifies us as a trustworthy and reliable participant in the business.

Practice Areas

At Client Associates, we provide a host of complementary services with the aim to build and deliver efficient portfolios for our clients across market cycles. Our clients enjoy access to best-in-class investment choices.

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