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Client Associates Lending Solutions (CALS), since its setup has created a mark of excellence in providing the best advice on the complete lending portfolio of our clients. In an open architecture model, our experienced team partners with a complete range of financial institutions to source the best lending solution for our clients. We are associated with leading banks and financial institutions in the country including both private and public sector entities. As a family office platform we continually strive to deliver solutions on the complete balance sheet for our clients of which lending is a key component.

Our CALS team takes care of end to end solution from giving the best advice to executing it. It has the capability and expertise to access the complete spectrum of lending solutions - Home Loans, Loan against Property, Loan against Investments, Personal and Business Loans, Balance Transfers, Dropline Overdraft and Lease Rental Discounting.

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At Client Associates, we provide a host of complementary services with the aim to build and deliver efficient portfolios for our clients across market cycles. Our clients enjoy access to best-in-class investment choices.

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