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Client Associates Investment Banking (CAIB) is a sector agnostic, boutique investment banking practice that provides its clients with objective expert advice & a full array of services - private equity fund raising, mergers and acquisitions, advisory, debt restructuring, and corporate finance advisory. As a financial & strategic advisor we provide client-centric solutions across the full spectrum of the growth curve for rapidly evolving businesses of today & tomorrow. We also help traditional old economy businesses to step up and embrace the novelty of a bigger and better enterprise. Our comprehensive approach and thoughtful solutions ensure that our clients are able to execute their strategies regardless of the economic or market environment.

As part of Client Associates, we carry forward our legacy of providing our clients the senior banker attention they need. At CAIB, we focus on being the knowledge experts while leading a transaction. Our deep analysis and intellectual integrity underpin all that we do. We take the time to develop differentiated and customized recommendations driven by our willingness to challenge conventional wisdom and our tireless quest for the right solutions for our clients.

Our achievements in transaction execution speak for themselves. But we're more proud of our accomplishments that don't show up in newspaper headlines: the countless times when we and our clients, working closely together, achieved the successful outcome of meeting our client's objectives. We approach each engagement as an opportunity to establish a long lasting partnership that will endure well beyond the immediacy of the transaction.

Our bouquet of services includes the following:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: We assist promoters and companies in their pursuit of complex merger and acquisition transactions through our specialized financial diligence, transaction structuring and overall deal management services.

  • Equity Financing:We help businesses scale up by raising equity capital for their growth/consolidation needs and help them meet their goals and objectives. Our legacy client group gives us access to an attractive mix of institutional and retail distribution.

  • Venture Capital: We assist next generation entrepreneurs raise early stage capital to power their ideas. Our unique approach helps us to identify truly disruptive companies with greater probability of long term business viability.

  • Structured Financing: We provide clients thoughtful and unbiased financing advice including assessing the alternatives and solutions for long-term financings, negotiating refinancing with existing bank groups, negotiating and placing bridge financing.

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At Client Associates, we provide a host of complementary services with the aim to build and deliver efficient portfolios for our clients across market cycles. Our clients enjoy access to best-in-class investment choices.

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