07 Jul 2023


A Journey of Trust, Talent, and Transparency

Growing up with dreams of being a sportsperson, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that led me to co-found Client Associates, a distinguished wealth management platform in India. Over the past 21 years, we have revolutionized the concept of "Family Office" and have emerged as the largest multifamily office in the country. With a focus on client centricity and a commitment to excellence, we have become the trusted Family CFO for approximately ~1000 affluent families, managing assets worth around ~USD 5 billion. Today, I am humbled and grateful to see Client Associates ranked among the most admired platforms in private wealth management in India.

Himanshu Kohli

Staying True to Core Values:
Just as sportsmanship principles guided me, our investments have always followed a disciplined approach. Despite market challenges and industry fluctuations, we have embraced each opportunity as a chance to learn, innovate, and create the best solutions for our clients. Our core values of client centricity, trust, integrity, honesty, teamwork, confidentiality, and humility have been the foundation of our success and will remain intact in all our dealings with stakeholders. As we celebrate milestones, we commit to protecting and enhancing these values to meet the evolving needs of our clients.
Adapting to Change and Diversifying Offerings:
Remaining ahead of our time has allowed us to develop new services to cater to our valued clients. We manage six verticals: Private Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Estate Planning,Investment Migration, Insurance, and Real Estate. Our product basket has become more diversified, including alternate investments, private markets, and international investments. Our adaptable model enables us to embrace regular changes, ensuring positive outcomes for our portfolios.
The Three Core Pillars: 
Throughout our journey, we have upheld the three pillars of our culture and business: Trust, Talent, and Transparency.
  • Trust: Trust is the backbone of our success. It is the faith that clients and stakeholders have placed in us, which has enabled us to thrive.
  • Talent: Our exceptional team has been our greatest asset. We have handpicked the best professionals who have contributed to the success of our firm. The stability and longevity of our team is a testament to the enduring relationships we have cultivated with our clients.
  • Transparency: Transparency has been instrumental in building trust and confidence among our clients, team members, and partners. Our commitment to transparency in all our dealings has strengthened our relationships and solidified our reputation.
Trends Shaping the Private Wealth Management Industry:
Over the past decade, the private wealth management industry in India has witnessed significant growth and changes. Looking ahead, we anticipate the financialization of savings to accelerate, with clients transitioning a considerable portion of their surplus from physical to financial assets. We also foresee the emergence of more asset classes in the alternate space, along with an increasing trend of Indians diversifying their portfolios internationally. As the focus shifts from distribution to advisory, the inclusion of passive funds in client portfolios will gain prominence. Embracing machine learning, artificial intelligence, and algorithmic design will become crucial for designing market indices, while reallocation concepts and multi-asset class products will enhance value for clients across segments.
Our Vision for the Decade:
In the upcoming decade, our vision is to transition from a mid-cap boutique firm driven primarily by founders to a larger institution led by professionals. Our dream is to become not only one of the largest private banks but also the most admired wealth management platform in the country, comparable to UBS on a global scale. We remain committed to putting clients' interests first while expanding our services, expertise, and product offerings to create enhanced value. Investing in our platform, we strive to provide a memorable experience for our clients and stakeholders.
As we reflect on our journey, I am reminded of a profound quote by Muriel Strode: "I will not follow where the path may lead, but I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail." At Client Associates, we have followed this path of innovation, trust, and excellence, and we will continue to do so as we celebrate future milestones. With unwavering dedication, we remain committed to our clients, our team, and our core values, positioning ourselves as the epitome of trust, talent, and transparency in the wealth management industry.
For any wealth management-related advice, please reach us at +91 124 4995400-09, +91 124 4499540 and our expert advisors will soon get in touch, to assist you. 

By: Himanshu Kohli

Reach at: himanshukohli@clientassociates.com

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Rohit Sarin

01 August 2016

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