Real Estate Advisory

  • Family office approach : Ability to understand the profile of the client and draw real estate strategies in tandem with the portfolio.

  • Expertise : Dedicated team representing the legacy of 70 years of diverse experiences with international property consultants, real estate developers and leading players of the secondary market transactions.

CARE : Scope of Services

  • Investment Management
    • Investment across asset classes like: residential, commercial and structured real estate
    • Identification of fundamentally strong development opportunities
    • Strong networking within the industry to achieve risk weighted exponential growth
  • Advisory Services
    • Professional and client-centric approache on the short to medium term potential of real estate holdings
    • Optimization of portfolios in line with the client’s profile and preferences
      1. Recommendations for modifications
      2. Advice on whether to hold, sell or lease the asset holdings
      3. Assistance in execution
  • Transaction services
    • Sell/liquidate & Buy Residential, Farm land, Commercial & Retail Real Estate
    • Create value propositions across a diverse range of Residential real estate assets, analysis of the geography (with strong presence in Gurgaon, South Delhi & Goa), developer credentials and thorough due diligence on each transaction
    • CAGR analysis to capture the future growth prospects of all the vectors in Gurgaon and international markets, thus enabling the client to take an informed decision
    • Strategic marketing campaigns based on strong research and vast network across the industry helps our clients to liquidate their investments and maximize sale proceeds
    • What sets us apart in the industry is our reach towards prospects from all over, our in-depth market knowledge, unbiased advisory, extensive network of brokers / consultants / associates and a high level of loyalty and transparency
  • Structured Institutional Transactions/ Structured Lending
    • Due Diligence & undertaking Feasibility Analysis to evaluate grade A developers, their individual projects and their capability to create returns in difficult markets
    • Structuring opportunities in the form of lending to such developers – high returns with significant asset protection to minimize default risk. Further structuring bespoke solutions as per clients need , depending on individual capacity & risk appetite

CAREFO – Client Associates Real Estate Family Office (Property Management)

  • Will Check for the deficiencies in ownership documents,
  • In case of any deficiency, will get the said documents arranged from respective authorities
  • Organizing the papers in chronological order – “CAREFO” folder (for each property) with hard copies and a Pen drive with all soft copies to be provided to the clients and another set to be kept with us
  • Will ensure all the properties will have marketable titles
  • Will check the status of mutation in Developer and municipal corporation records
  • Assistance in computing & depositing House tax
  • Assistance in lease management & administration
  • Need based services , if required
  • Assistance in property insurance
  • Assistance in property interiors/furnishing
  • Providing indexed value of the properties YOY basis as and when required
  • Advice on optimising yield of real estate portfolio
  • Bi-annual update on all the properties with market valuations, etc.
  • Complete end-to-end solution, coupled with paramount experience of industry practices

Note : We Signup Minimum 3 Properties in CAREFO