Investination India

India, today, is the fastest growing large economy in the world and is on its way to becoming the third largest economy by 2028. A young demography, an educated global workforce, an emerging middle class and a progressive leadership will change the country from a developing nation to a developed one. Historical analysis shows that investors have created maximum wealth when the underlying economy has grown. We believe that India is at the right juncture to create wealth for investors who will spot this trend and participate in the upcoming growth trajectory. It may be the right time for global investors to start building a longer term allocation towards India. In this context, in the times to come, the risk of not being in India will be bigger than being in India.

Although India is a huge opportunity, materialising it requires continuous on ground advice and handholding. International Investors want to engage with an honest local platform which can bring an independent and relationship oriented approach to their India Investments. We at Client Associates have been living by this philosophy and our favourite motto is, “In India, Honesty sells at a premium.” Client Associates, the largest India centric and India based independent Multi Family Office, offers a single gateway to access India Investment opportunities as India Partner for International investors.

If you are keen to build your India Allocation and are looking to understanding this landscape and creating a bespoke solution to address your requirements, we will be glad to discuss more and work as your India Family Office. Meanwhile, allow us to provide you access to some of the interesting opinions and events which are defining the India story.