Executive Director - Wealth

Gaurav Sethi


Gaurav is a highly regarded professional and Executive Director, Wealth, at Client Associates. He brings over 17 years of valuable experience in Private Banking and Investments to his role at Client Associates. 

Since joining Client Associates in 2008, Gaurav's mission has been to strengthen client relationships by providing exceptional financial advisory services. His approach involves actively listening to his client's unique goals and concerns, enabling him to craft comprehensive financial strategies that empower them to make informed decisions and achieve long-term financial success.

Gaurav's expertise spans various domains, including retirement planning, tax-efficient investment strategies, and estate planning. Before joining Client Associates, Gaurav served with distinction at Kotak Securities and Vertex India, adding to his wealth of experience.

As an advisor, Gaurav's passion for excellence and unwavering focus on his clients' well-being has earned him the trust of his clients, making him a sought-after professional in the industry. His dedication to understanding clients' unique financial aspirations and providing tailored solutions sets him apart as a reliable and empathetic advisor.

With Gaurav's profound knowledge and genuine commitment to his client's financial success, he continues to inspire trust and foster lasting partnerships in the world of wealth management.

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